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September 04, 2006|By Heather A. Dinich | Heather A. Dinich,SUN REPORTER

It's not that the lines of communication weren't open between the Maryland football coaches Saturday against William and Mary, there was just a little confusion about which line the head guy was on.

In his first game since becoming offensive coordinator again at Maryland, coach Ralph Friedgen accidentally found himself barking out plays to his defensive assistants.

Between series, he would switch over to hear the defensive coaches on his headset, and on occasion, he would forget to switch back.

FOR THE RECORD - An article in yesterday's Sports section stated that Maryland's next football opponent, Middle Tennessee State, plays in Division 1-AA, Middle Tennessee plays in Division 1-A.

"I was wondering why nobody was paying attention," Friedgen said with a chuckle. "The defensive guys were saying, `Coach, you're on our line.' That was something I've got to get right."

A new rule requires the play to be called and the players to be on the field before the official starts the 25-second clock. Friedgen said he intentionally kept it "pretty vanilla."

"Why would one want to show a lot?" he said. "I'm sure people are looking at us."

Notes -- Friedgen said wide receiver Drew Weatherly might have a stress fracture in his right foot but should return to practice Wednesday. ... Right tackle Dane Randolph sprained his ankle and will miss a day or two.

Thumbs up

The Terps ran a lot of isolation plays in which fullback Tim Cesa blocked a linebacker, paving the way for a trio of backs to rush for 200 yards. Cesa responded this summer to tough competition from freshman Cory Jackson.

Thumbs down

Ralph Friedgen's decision to insert backup quarter- back Jordan Steffy with a 17-7 lead in the second quarter halted the Terps' momentum. Steffy threw an interception, fumbled and didn't complete any of his five pass attempts.

Fast forward

Middle Tennessee is another Division I-AA program the Terps should beat. Clint Marks has thrown for more than 2,000 yards in consecutive seasons, and Maryland's pass rush struggled Saturday.

>>>Middle Tennessee@Maryland Saturday, 6 p.m., 1300 AM, 105.7 FM

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