Aniston near endorsement deal with Nike


September 04, 2006

Jennifer Aniston, 37, is about to sign an endorsement deal with Nike, which will pay her the largest sum the company's ever paid to a celebrity, Adrants .com reports. The global ad blitz also may include a spot during the Super Bowl in February.

Aniston, reportedly, has vowed to donate a large chunk of the Nike money to cancer charities.

Meanwhile, the sportswear goliath, which has been embroiled in controversies stemming from charges it uses sweatshops, has a design deal with rapper Eminem, who is designing an autographed line of Air Max training shoes, with proceeds from the sales going to charities in Michigan.

Halliwell charges abuse

Geri Halliwell has complained to police that her 3-month-old daughter was physically abused, the singer's assistant said.

The former Spice Girl's complaint was about "an incident concerning her daughter Bluebell whilst in the care of a temporary member of staff," Antony Read said Saturday. Halliwell made the complaint at a London police station Aug. 18, Read said.

"Bluebell is now happy and well, and there are no further concerns for her welfare," he added in a statement.

Secret agent life

Juliette Binoche got some insight for her role in the thriller A Few Days in September from an acquaintance who, as it turned out, was a secret agent.

In the film, Binoche plays a French secret service agent whose mission goes wrong.

Binoche sought background from the acquaintance on the history of the Middle East and relations with the West.

"I was able to understand that you can never really retire as a secret agent, because you will always have secrets," Binoche said at the Venice Film Festival on Friday. "I think an actor needs a certain realism and truth to be real on the screen."

The movie also stars John Turturro and Nick Nolte.

Next HBO series

Deadwood fans may still be mourning the end of that show's days as a regular series, but creator David Milch is going full ahead with his next project for HBO.

The surf-noir drama John from Cincinnati has added three more actors -- Austin Nichols, Ed O'Neill and Brian Van Holt -- to its cast. Nichols, according to The Hollywood Reporter, will play the title character.

The pilot, which Milch is writing with author Kem Nunn, revolves around a surfing family in a California beach town whose lives are disrupted by John, a wealthy young man who wants to take surfing lessons.

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88 Paul Harvey Radio commentator

49 Khandi Alexander Actress

46 Damon Wayans Comedian

26 Dan Miller Singer

25 Beyonce Singer


"I get home at the end of the day and I don't want to talk. All I want to do is ... pet my dogs and my cats."

Comedian Ellen Degeneres, commenting about how hard it is to do a talk show.

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