Web can connect solo travelers with others on own


Do you know of any organizations that cater to solo travelers interested in meeting others traveling on their own?

There are several services available to people traveling alone who want to meet up with like-minded travelers; many of them are Web-based.

For instance, AirTroductions.com allows its members to post their profiles and travel schedules and meet people with similar business or personal interests on the same flight, or at the same departure or arrival airport on a specific date or time. Even someone simply wishing to share a cab with another solo traveler can be put in touch with another member; all for a $5 fee. AirTroductions says it has signed up 15,000 members since its inception nearly a year ago.

Travellers Meeting Point (travellersmeeting point.com) allows users to find out who will be visiting the same city (no fee). On Arrival (on arrival.com) provides a free notice board and member profile search "to provide common ground for people to connect, share experiences and arrange to meet up."

Singles Travel International (singlestravel intl.com) offers what it calls "low/no supplement" travel for singles, especially cruises and high-end tours, with reductions in single supplements; Solo's Holidays (www.solosholidays.co.uk) offers a wide choice of group vacations for singles to more than 70 countries with no single supplements, to suit a variety of tastes, ages and budgets. Neither charges a fee.

Should you be heading for London, Stephanie Archer and Sharon Glanville at My Friend in London (44-7753-200211; myfriendinlondon.com) offer, for 50 pounds ($94) an hour, a "one-to-one service" to women who are visiting London, accompanying them to shops, restaurants, museums and the like. "Female business travelers in particular often just want companionship during their stay in the city, particularly somewhere like London that can be quite intimidating," Glanville said. "We treat them like we'd treat our best friend who has come to visit."

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