Roch Around The Clock

September 03, 2006|By ROCH KUBATKO

I'd like to bid farewell to NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue, whose tenure officially ended Friday

Now that he has all this extra time on his hands, and a fat bank account, maybe he can build himself a museum.


Greece, with no NBA players on its roster, upset Team USA, 101-95, in the world basketball championships.

It's either bronze or nothing for the U.S., which apparently wanted to prove once again that a team filled with superstars could win gold without being able to shoot or play defense.

Yes, it's the same ol' complaint. Because it's the same ol' result.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Drew Bledsoe left Thursday night's preseason game because he was woozy.

He was probably just stunned to see Terrell Owens on the field.

Owens caught one pass, from backup Tony Romo, for 6 yards. Stay tuned for hourly updates on ESPN.

Speaking of the cable sports network, does anyone actually own an ESPN cell phone? I hear that Mobile ESPN brings ESPN programming to your ESPN phone. I saw an advertisement for it on ESPN, while I was reading my latest issue of ESPN The Magazine.

I just wish they'd come out with an ESPN bathroom mirror so I can get my WNBA scores while I'm brushing my teeth.

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