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September 03, 2006

Havre de Grace school houses

Public education had been available to students in Havre de Grace for 61 years before the incorporated academy and graded school became Havre de Grace High School on Sept. 1, 1873.

Beginning in 1812, a one-room school occupied a building that was shared with the town. By 1821 a brick school house measuring 22-by-30 feet had been constructed at the corner of St. Clair Street and Union Avenue, for $388.50.

In 1870, a three-story brick school building was commissioned by the town. The county paid rent for the next 25 years for its use. In September 1871, it became the site of the first graded school in Harford County. Students were required to pass an examination before being allowed to advance to the next grade.

Another half of a century would pass before the land, on Congress Avenue, where the present high school is located, would be purchased in 1922 for $7,000.

[Source: Our Harford Heritage by C. Milton Wright. Research by Harford County Library.]

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