Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

September 03, 2006

Election article was incomplete

I was disappointed to read the story you published on the District 1 County Council race in Anne Arundel County ("Council hopefuls focus on growth," Aug. 25). Specifically I want to address the "differences" you highlighted between my views and my opponent's stance on the cost of stormwater management. During our story interview, I explained that on a personal level I supported the need for some sort of stormwater management fund, mostly because I've seen what 30 years of minimally managed stormwater has wrought in the North County.

But I also specifically said that if my constituents told me that the cost burden was too high, I would vote "no." That never made it into the story.

I said that we needed to seek money from the state and federal government to help defray the cost on Anne Arundel taxpayers. That also never made it into the story.

I said we needed to find a way to lower this initiative's cost burden on low-income families and seniors. Again, those words were never published.

The omission of these few words from our interview is a huge disappointment. I am not a tax-and-spend type, but your incomplete story may cause some to think otherwise.

Rik Forgo


The writer is a candidate for Anne Arundel County Council in District 1.

Bissett eloquent during debates

I had a good time watching the televised debate of the Republican candidates for county executive the other night. It was definitely a sight. I would like to commend Anne Arundel Community College for hosting the debate.

The debate should have been a real eye-opener for citizens. Only one candidate - Phil Bissett - offered real ideas and a clear plan of how to achieve the goals that were set forth. This is the same candidate who has for months been working on different issues - growth and traffic, education, public safety, environmental stewardship - and producing brochures that are mailed out to the citizens of Anne Arundel County. He set a clear plan for each issue in those brochures, and in this debate he laid them out, again, publicly.

It was amazing to watch no other candidate be able to say exactly what he would do for the county in certain situations. They pointed to other legislation, or their life experiences, but nothing can compare to actual thought-out plans that once enacted will work. Mr. Bissett knows our county, knows the issues that the county faces, and knows the people who work on those issues. He meets daily with people who talk about their concerns and experts on the issues who help him with ideas. Why has no other candidate made available, for the public, exactly what he would do as Anne Arundel County executive in any given situation?

Michael Sohn


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