you're such a critic

You're Such a Critic

September 01, 2006


Nicolas Cage stars in World Trade Center and The Wicker Man. What are your favorite Cage movies?


I'll give you five. Raising Arizona, Moonstruck, Leaving Las Vegas, ConAir and National Treasure.

I listed these Nicolas Cage movies in this particular order because it saves a lot of verbiage describing an actor who can make us laugh until our sides hurt, make us cry until our noses run and allow us to turn off our minds and have a roller-coaster ride without leaving our seats. No actor working today is as versatile.


I like Nic Cage as the supporting actor in the role of the villain in Kiss of Death. He is nasty like you've never seen him. I had a hard time believing that it was actually Nic Cage.


THE NEXT QUESTION It's been a summer of blockbuster movies. What films do you want to add to your DVD library and why?

Please send your thoughts in a brief note with your name, city and daytime phone number (and Such a Critic in the memo field) to We'll publish the best answers we receive.

"The Gripe" does not appear today. It will return next week.

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