Carroll County commissioners

Maryland Votes 2006

August 30, 2006

With 10 Republicans and three Democrats, the Carroll County Commission race for three at-large seats is crowded in part because many voters believed early on that the panel would be expanded to five district seats. Political and legal wrangling put changes in the county's form of government on hold. After feuding openly this past session with their General Assembly delegation, the three incumbent commissioners managed to secure a spot on the November ballot that will allow voters to decide if Carroll County should switch to a Home Rule form of government.

While we would have preferred Carroll to move from a commission to a charter government, we applaud the efforts of Republican incumbents Julia Walsh Gouge, Perry L. Jones Jr. and Dean L. Minnich on the Home Rule issue and endorse all three in the primary.

Carroll County is at a crossroads. Growth and new school construction are sure to test the county's ability to manage the former and accommodate the latter. If voters favor giving their commission more power at the local level, and ultimately expanding the commission to five members elected from districts, they will do well to return the incumbents to office. These individuals have worked hard to put legislative tools in the hands of the citizens. The job's not yet complete. Let them finish what they started.

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