Roch Around the Clock

August 29, 2006|By ROCH KUBATKO

Did you know that Orioles radio play-by-play man Joe Angel was the quarterback at Galileo (Calif.) High, where he used to hand off to a running back named O.J. Simpson? Angel inherited a 12-game losing streak, which reached 21 before Galileo won a game. Maybe it took Angel that long to figure out he just needed to hand the ball to Simpson.

Speaking of Orioles broadcasters, Buck Martinez was part of Toronto's No. 1 Web gem on ESPN. In 1985, Martinez's leg was broken and ankle dislocated on a home plate collision with the Seattle Mariners' Phil Bradley. Martinez tagged out Bradley and tried to cut down Gorman Thomas at third base, but he made a bad throw. Thomas tried to score, but Martinez took the throw while sprawled on the ground and somehow made the tag.

Looking down at his injured player, manager Bobby Cox said: "Well, there's one good thing. If you can stand the pain, you can play tomorrow because it's not going to affect your speed."

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