Painters bring life to canvas


Maryland through the eyes of Sun photographers

August 28, 2006|By Photos by Andre F. Chung | Photos by Andre F. Chung,Sun photographer

A group of artists gathers at Gallery International twice a week during August and September for an informal model-painting session.

The group is mostly made up of artists who studied at the Schuler School of Fine Arts. Each member contributes $10 or $15 a month to cover the cost of the model.

"When you have a model in front of you, you have to work," said artist John E.C. "At home with a still life, you can goof off."

Carlos Martinez, a student at Schuler and organizer of the event, agrees that the sessions have big benefits. "Painting, drawing, sculpting from a model helps you get better," he said. "It just trains your eye."

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