Dress for heat of Spain on summer trip


August 27, 2006|By San Jose (Calif.) Mercury News

We are visiting several cities in Spain - Madrid, Seville, Granada - in the next few weeks. Can you offer a few tips regarding weather?

Pack plenty of short-sleeve shirts and shorts. July and August are typically the hottest months of the year in most of Spain, although temperatures sometimes drop in late August.

In the cities you will be visiting, expect daytime highs in the 90s and even the low 100s. At night, it should cool off into the low 70s and high 60s. Bring a light jacket or sweater just in case, but you probably won't need it. One good thing: Those cities experience little or no rain in August, so you can leave your umbrella at home.

Our favorite hotel in Zihuatanejo, Mexico, is booked. Any suggestions for a smaller, charming hotel on the beach with not a lot of Americans?

There are a number of smaller properties in the Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa area that you might like. Casa Iguana (casa-iguana.com), for instance, has six one-bedroom suites with outdoor terraces and is a two-minute walk from the beach. Casa Kau-Kan (casakau kan.com) is a boutique hotel with eight suites, a pool and a garden.

A colleague raves about Villa del Sol (hotelvilladelsol.net), which is larger than the others (70 rooms) but has five pools (including a 60-foot lap pool), two exceptional restaurants, plus a wine cellar and spa. Guests tend to be from Mexico City and Germany.

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