August 27, 2006|By Julie Scharper

Howard "Max" Mosner

In the News

Mosner is the president of the Maryland State Fair, which opened to the public Friday and continues through Labor Day.

Career Highlights

As a college student in the early 1960s, Mosner worked part time for the fair during his summer break. After graduating from the University of Baltimore in 1965, Mosner signed up with the fair once again, thinking that it would be a temporary job while he waited for security clearance from the National Security Agency. He never left. At the end of the summer, he accepted a position as assistant manager. In 1972 he became general manager, and in 1999 he was named president of the fair.

Now working at his 44th fair, Mosner said that the fairgrounds host more than 200 events throughout the year, including livestock sales and craft shows.


The State Fair is a family affair for Mosner. His wife of 38 years, Nancy, runs the quilt department, and their only child, Jamie Hall, 33, is the office manager. Mosner, 66, a Manchester resident, describes himself as an avid golfer with a passion for gun collecting and Corvettes. He drives a 2003 burgundy anniversary-edition Corvette.


"The average family now is one or two or three generations off that farm," said Mosner, whose father sold feed to farmers. "This is a place where families can learn about agriculture. We get them here with entertainment and then we get some education about agriculture to rub off on them."

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