Trying to keep cool in gear and the heat


August 27, 2006|By David Hobby | David Hobby,Sun Staff

When I shot this photo of newly signed first-round draft pick Haloti Ngata trying to stay cool in the misters at a sweltering Ravens camp, I found a number of things going through my mind.

First, being a normal-sized person in shorts and a T-shirt, I cannot imagine what a 350-pound man suited up in pads and exerting himself must feel like in this hot, humid weather.

I also thought about the occasional NFL lineman who drops to the ground working out in weather like this and never gets back up.

And then there is how much pressure a man just out of college must feel to perform after signing an 8-digit pro contract.

When I asked him about the hardest part of training in the blistering heat he gave the standard answer: "It's the humidity." Then he headed back to his air-conditioned hotel.

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