`Beerfest' not a cool one

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August 25, 2006|By Michael Phillips | Michael Phillips,Chicago Tribune

Beerfest is one sloppy comedy, but the lads of the comedy troupe Broken Lizard don't know when to say when in their pursuit of the idiotic laugh, and persistence certainly counts for something. The result is the opposite of a microbrew. It's more of a Half Off All Pitchers! special.

In honor of their late grandfather, played by Donald "Cash the Check" Sutherland, brothers Todd and Jan Wolfhouse travel to Germany to scatter the old man's ashes at Oktoberfest. There they stumble upon the top-secret, Fight Clubby phenomenon Beerfest, featuring the most punishing chugging competitions known to humankind. After getting out-drunk by their German cousins, who taunt the residents of the U.S. of A. for "your strip malls and your Zimas," the boys vow to return the next year in prime chugging condition. The Beerfest plot also involves a family brewing recipe, but even the writers would have a hard time remembering much about it.

Beerfest (Warner Bros.) Starring Paul Soter. Directed by Jay Chandrasekhar. Rated R. Time 110 minutes.

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