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August 23, 2006

William Norris, 95, who founded Control Data Corp., died Monday in Bloomington, Minn.

Mr. Norris and others founded Engineering Research Associates in St. Paul in 1946. ERA was sold a few years later and ended up as part of Sperry Rand's UNIVAC division, which Mr. Norris ran in the mid-1950s, building UNIVAC "electronic brains."

He left in 1957 and co-founded Control Data. Within three years, it was building the most powerful computer in the world, the 1604.

Control Data grew rapidly in the 1960s, propelled by supercomputers.

Mr. Norris diversified into computer peripherals, including printers and disk drives, and data processing services. He retired in 1986 as the world was evolving away from mainframe computers. The shrinking company was split in two in 1992, and its name has since vanished.

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