Roch Around The Clock


August 21, 2006|By ROCH KUBATKO

So much for the Ravens' depth at running back.

They might want to hold onto Musa Smith ... and stop taking the New York Jets' phone calls. I recommend an unlisted number.

The Yankees have used so many relievers in their five-game series with the Red Sox, they've tried to lure Sparky Lyle and Dick Tidrow out of retirement.

The Red Sox have the same problem, but they are too busy blaming each other for signing Jason Johnson.

There goes another Executive of the Year Award.

Numerous people approached me yesterday at Camden Yards, asking if The Sun's Peter Schmuck really was retiring, as he stated in his most recent column. I guess they didn't get the joke.

Sort of like me whenever he breaks out another Sports Pickle headline.

Rest assured that Schmuck hasn't signed with The Orange County Register so he could retire with them. You'll still find him The Sun's Kickoff page.

And at a fast-food drive-thru near you.

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