Roch around the clock


August 20, 2006

Kevin Millar's five RBIs yesterday tied his career high. He has done it three times, most recently on June 24, 2003, against the Detroit Tigers.

He probably should have gotten six yesterday, but Corey Patterson held at third base on Millar's bases-loaded double in the seventh inning.

Patterson might have been afraid of passing Jeff Conine, who runs pretty well but doesn't have the same wheels. Most Indy cars don't have the same wheels.

Check Conine's uniform closely. Those are Patterson's hand prints on the back of his jersey.

"That's exactly what happened," Millar said, smiling. "Plus, the score dictates it. You don't want to rub it in. But I think Corey could have gotten it."

Millar has been trying to get the team's facial hair ban lifted since early in the season, going so far as to start a "Beards for Birds" campaign. Manager Sam Perlozzo said he might wave the rule if the team won 10 games in a row. Before yesterday, the Orioles hadn't won more than three straight.

When Millar broached the subject again recently, Perlozzo told him, "I might weaken at four."

Now that the Orioles have won four in a row, it doesn't appear that Millar will be touching his razor anytime soon. He's looking pretty scruffy.

If he keeps driving in five runs a game, Perlozzo won't care if he looks like Rob Zombie.

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