Summertime, and the readers get their say

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It's summertime and even public editors deserve to take a break, so here are some recent comments Paul Moore has received:

Horse-race coverage

Let me be upfront about a few things: I think The Sun has generally done a good job regarding the campaign coverage - I especially appreciate the Campaign Ad Watch feature; I am registered as a Republican and voted for the current governor in 2002; I have previously supported the mayor of Baltimore by voting for him and attending his fundraisers; I have given no financial support to either candidate for governor in 2006.

The headline in today's (8/15/06) Maryland section, "O'Malley Tops Donations," defies description in its deceptiveness. The casual reader who sees this - and perhaps the blurb below the headline, "Mayor raises $600,000 more than Ehrlich in '06" - could easily conclude that the mayor has, in fact, raised more money than the governor during the campaign. ...

However, as the graphic accompanying this article indicates - as well as the THIRD paragraph (way to "bury the lead") - Ehrlich has almost TWICE as much cash on hand ($8.5 mil vs. $4.4 mil) and has raised more money overall since 2003 than O'Malley ($13 mil vs. $10 mil) - as noted in the TWELFTH! paragraph. So, I ask you, who is actually, empirically, factually, "tops" in campaign donations? ...

Chris Welsh


Gender inequity in Baltimore

I was surprised to find that your recent article "A man is hard to find in Maryland" primarily quoted younger professional women who were having trouble finding partners, while only briefly noting the continuing sex ratio problem in the African-American community in Baltimore due to high rates of incarceration and homicide. The low number of men to women, or the sex ratio, may lead to socially sanctioned infidelity on the part of men and less power in relationships on the part of women, two factors which both may play a large role in the growing HIV/AIDS epidemic among African-Americans. ... Some sociologists believe that the historically low sex ratio for minority communities in Baltimore (a recorded low of 74 men to 100 women in 1950) may have slowly changed family structures, resulting in later marriage, more female-headed households, and socially acceptable infidelity.

Renee Gindi, MPH

Ms. Gindi is a doctoral student at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Surgeon series praised

Julie Bell's two-part article about Dr. Cameron was excellent! Wonderful writing style. Great ability to condense her experience and multiple sources. Captivating. Outstanding. Thank you.

Dave Highfield

I was a patient of Dr. Cameron's beginning in 1981 through almost 1990. I've lost track of the number of surgeries but I'll never forget the 9 weeks I was in Hopkins back in 1981. I know that he saved my life. ... Thank you for a wonderful article. Thanks to Dr. Cameron we patients who require surgery also have a better chance at a full life.

David Josselyn

Are we there yet?

Well, it was one of those mornings - I crawled out of bed, fed the dogs, shuffled into the car and made it to the local coffee shop for my soy latte and bagel. It was one of those long weekends ... and cranking up for the work week was not exactly happening.

Then I stumbled upon your article about the drive to the beach. And before long, I'm chuckling, smiling, and keep smiling for the next 10 or 15 minutes as I savor your little tour of the to-the-beach domains. Man, I've gotta try that bar-b-qued Kiwanis - driven past it a million times but never stopped.

Now, I still don't wanna work, but I'm smiling and awake to the world - thanks!

Richard Bishop

Grateful reader

Cuba, Si

Your article last Sunday by Nick Madigan on U.S. policy toward Cuba was well researched and well written. ... I've been trying to get the points you so profoundly make across to our Congress and the administrations of three Presidents and twice that many congressional terms. [Fidel Castro] would be long gone if we'd done the obvious ten years ago.

A professional, objective job, and a great service to your readers.

Jay Lillie

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