Start School With A+ Supplies

August 19, 2006

With such a dizzying array of what's available on shelves today, finding the right supplies and products might pose a challenge when trying to please a student's fancy, parental budgets and school necessities (many school systems send home a list of essential supplies that limits what students must buy). But pick some variation of the following popular items and it will likely be a safe bet:


Hello Kitty Backpack with Speaker: $19.99 at Target. Bag has a front pocket that holds an external speaker with standard digital plug to fit most music players.

iPack Messenger bag: $69.99 at Target. With padded shoulder straps for comfort, the nylon daypack holds all of your essentials. The shoulder strap has a remote control for an iPod.


Hello Kitty and Superman lunch totes: $7.99 to $9.99 at Target. Insulated lunch totes keep juice and sandwich cool on the inside while the colors, images and shapes keep you styling on the outside.

Arctic Zone lunch tote: $8.99 at Target. Insulated soft lunch bags in a variety of colors.


Bubble calculators: $3.99 at Staples. These soft-to-the-touch calculators are fun, practical, lightweight and are available in teal, fuchsia, white, black and green.

Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Graphing Calculator: $114.99 at Best Buy. Extra memory and extra speed make this powerful handheld an ideal choice for serious students.


Designer notebooks: $1.99 to $6.99. This season, graphic artists Deanne Cheuk and Evan Hecox created exclusive designs for Target, which are featured on back-to-school supplies including binders and notebooks.

Globe-Weis 7-pocket Padfolio: $10.99 at Staples. These colorful organizers feature pockets for storing papers, compact discs and photographs in a sealable polymer package.


LockerMate Stac-A-Shelf: $5.99 at Staples. These stackable shelves can be inserted into school lockers to organize storage space and allow easy access to supplies.


Crayola Erasable Twistable Crayons: $2.88 at Target. The erasable formula and built-in eraser allow you to correct mistakes and make changes anytime.

Gel Mini Pens: $3.99 for a set of 12 at Staples. Miniaturized gel ink pens, which have pigment suspended in a water-based gel, are compact and perfect for taking notes or writing messages to friends. Regular-sized pens are $5.78 a dozen.

Staples Wordlock: $5.98 at Staples. An easy-to-use, easy-to-remember combination lock that allows you to choose from 100,000 possible letter combinations including more than 1,000 four- or five-letter words. lBook Sox: $3.99 at Staples. A stretchable, flexible and washable fabric that comes in various colors and patterns, these jacket covers will protect school books from wear and tear.


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