Callisons Fine Foods' Seasoned Skewers

go try it

August 19, 2006|By KATE SHATZKIN

What it is -- Wooden skewers seasoned with essential oils and flavors

What we like about it --These skewers promise to deliver flavor quickly to the middle of your meat. The Honey Bourbon skewers announced their potency with a smoky-sweet aroma right out of the package, and they gave grilled chicken kebabs a nice tang. (We still longed for a flavorful sauce on the side, though.) The skewers also come in five other flavors: Citrus Rosemary, Mexican Fiesta, Garlic Herb, Thai Coconut Lime and Indian Mango Curry.

What it costs --$8-$9 for a pack of 10

Where to buy --At Kitchen & Company in Bel Air, the Butcher's Block in Annapolis and kitchenca

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