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August 18, 2006


Dr. Mark Fraiman has been appointed head of the department of surgery at St. Joseph Medical Center. Fraiman, a hepatobili ary and vascular spe cialist, will also con tinue as surgical di rector of the hospi tal's Lois and Michael Hodes Comprehensive Liver and Pancreas Center.

An expert in Whipple surgery for pancreat ic cancer, Fraiman earned his medical de gree from the Univer sity of Maryland School of Medicine and completed fellow ships at Boston Veter an's Administration Hospital and Universi ty of California, Los Angeles/Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Sandra Walsh has been appointed man ager of the St. Clare Medical Outreach Pro gram of St. Joseph Medical Center. Walsh has worked at St. Jo seph for 10 years, most recently as nurse manager of endosco py, electroconvulsive therapy and pain man agement.

Walsh earned her nursing diploma at Mount Sinai School of Nursing in Milwaukee, Wis.; a master's degree in pulmonary care from St. Louis Univer sity; and did postgrad uate work in nursing administration at George Mason Univer sity in Fairfax, Va.


The Association of American Medical Col leges has awarded the 2006 Herbert W. Nick ens Faculty Fellow ship to Alfredo Quino nes-Hinojosa, assist ant professor of neu rological surgery and oncology at the Johns Hopkins Univer sity School of Med icine.

The fellowship recog nizes young faculty members who demon strate leadership in addressing inequities in medical education and health care. Qui nones-Hinojosa will receive his award and a $15,000 grant Oct. 30 at the AAMC's annual meeting in Seattle.

Barbara Resnick, a professor at the Uni versity of Maryland School of Nursing, has been named a fel low in the Gerontolo gical Society of Ameri ca. Fellows are recog nized for contribu tions to the field of gerontology. Resnick also works as a geri atric nurse practi tioner at Roland Park Place, a retirement community in Balti more.


Dr. Ahmet Hoke, a neu rologist at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, has been awarded a $100,000 grant from the Neuropa thy Research Founda tion to develop new treatments for the dis order, which affects 20 million Americans.

Known as peripheral neuropathy, the disor der affects nerves out side of the brain and the central nervous system that transmit informa tion from other parts of the body. Hoke's re search will focus on identifying compounds that protect nerve ends that connect to muscle or skin from damage caused by chemotherapy and diabetes.

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