Dr. Peter L. Beilenson -- U.S. House of Representatives, Maryland's 3rd District

August 18, 2006

Date of birth: Feb. 6, 1960

Party affiliation: Democrat

Professional background: Physician, Baltimore Health Commissioner for 13 years

Educational background: bachelor's degree, Harvard College; medical doctorate, Emory University School of Medicine; master's in public health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Personal: lives in the Cedarcroft neighborhood of Baltimore City; married to wife Chris, and has five children: Valerie, Alex, Jane, Jack and Hank; activities include: spending time with his family, coaching his children's sports teams and running 1. Why are you running for Congress?

I am running for Congress because I truly believe that public service is a noble calling and I want to take the results-oriented record I have had as Baltimore's Health Commissioner for 13 years and apply the same values and principles of accountability and results to Washington.

2. What is your position on current U.S. policy in Iraq?

We need a planned timely phased removal of our troops from Iraq starting now and [should] be out of Iraq completely by July 2007. Immediately, U.S. forces need to stop taking on insurgents in the streets of Iraq's cities and pull back to fortified positions. As we phase out our troops we need to ensure they are at as little risk as possible while ensuring that we do all we can to support Iraq's newly elected government, bolster police, armed forces, economic development and critical infrastructure. I will also strongly support increased funding for equipment and body armor to protect our troops. We must invest in the lives and health of our returning soldiers.

3. What is your view of the Medicare prescription drug plan, and whether changes are needed to the program?

This unnecessarily complicated and expensive plan is a prime example of how the administration and the Republican Congress have let us down. I will work to reform the complicated Part D program by streamlining the process by which seniors choose their plans. I will also push to eliminate the prohibition on Medicare negotiating for lower prices on prescription drugs.

4. What is the most important issue facing residents of the 3rd District?

As I traveled the 3rd District over the last 14 months, regardless of the area, voters told me the same thing: They are tired of Bush's policies and politics and are ready for someone to stand up to Bush and the Republican Congress to get results. They are looking for a leader to fight for the issues they care about -- comprehensive and affordable health care, getting our troops out of Iraq and improving our environment and promoting new energy sources to lower fuel prices.

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