Redefining a senior moment

Review B


Steadfast in its belief that seniors can be frisky, too, Susan Seidelman's The Boynton Beach Club pays its aged characters an unusual cinematic compliment: It doesn't dwell on the idea that their days are numbered, or that they've outlived their usefulness, or that they should be pitied.

Instead, this delightful, if perhaps too calculatedly winsome, comedy presents seniors who are coping with emotional and physical losses and challenges them to act like the young people they still are at heart. Each of the six central characters has lost a partner, each has known the emptiness that results from such loss, and none is content to accept that this is the way things have to be. Good for them.

The Boynton Beach Club (Samuel Goldwyn Films) Starring Dyan Cannon, Len Cariou, Brenda Vaccaro, Joseph Bologna. Directed and co-written by Susan Seidelman. Unrated. Time 105 minutes.

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