Samuel Gutekunst


August 16, 2006|By KATIE CARRERA

Offensive lineman Samuel Gutekunst is a native of Lustadt, Germany, and is playing with the Ravens as part of the International Development Practice Squad Program. He plays for the Frankfurt Galaxy of NFL Europe.

Have you been to the United States before?

I've been here twice for NFL Europe training camp in Tampa Bay. I like it much better here than Tampa because Tampa's very dirty.

What's your favorite part about Baltimore or Maryland?

So far, I haven't seen very much, just the Ravens' facilities, really. The most I've seen are the streets and houses - that's it. I like the whole country style [in Westminster]. It's a little bit like Germany with the hills and trees.

What's your favorite part about training camp?

I like to practice with all the guys, to see how they practice and how they develop their practice habits.

What do you miss about home?

German bread. I think we have 220 sorts of bread, and I really miss that. Of course, I miss my home-cooked food from my mom and my grandma, but it's not so bad here.

What's your favorite thing to eat over here?

I like burgers and especially the chicken fingers. I like chicken fingers very much because we don't have it in Germany like this with all the kinds of sauces. I like the honey barbecue - that's one of my favorite things.

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