Odds are, there's a gal out there for each Md. guy


Steve Black, this one is for you.

The U.S. Census Bureau tells us what we already suspected about Maryland: The state is crawling with women. Ninety-three men for every 100 women - among the lowest ratios in the country. Talk about a seller's market, Steve. Consider yourself the 94th single man in this equation.

Now go forth into dating with the knowledge the odds are in your favor. Don't worry your head about the math, just sit back and watch your social life explode.

Feel the ratio.

"I count on it. I wish the ratio was even better. I need all the help I can get," says Black, owner of Chesapeake Closets in Canton. The businessman is 48. "Say I'm in my 40s. Make me look good."

You don't have to say that, Steve. No more fudging. You've been single six years, and friends always want to fix you up, but now you have government statistics in your corner, and nothing ensures new romance more than a new Census report. Give us your best pitch.

"I have most of my hair and some of my teeth, and I'm a catch," he says. Just kidding about the teeth. He has a full set.

Having bonded with Steve, we thought we'd spread the glorious government news to other singles. We called the Singles Society in Towson, but the number was disconnected - such a sad, fitting word for the single man: disconnected. We called Singles on Sailboats and Singles Enjoying the Arts, but apparently the singles were busy sailing and enjoying the arts.

At Maryland's Upscale Singles group, executive director Jamie Braman said the man-woman ratio is "sort of irrelevant" if men continue to hold off on attending singles events. "If women want to meet men," she says, "take up golf."

But Steve Black doesn't play golf. He has, however, attended her group's functions because he's one of Maryland's dedicated single men.

"It's a sad group," he says, "but I'm proud to represent it."


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