Harmonica Convergence

The humble mouth harp has a storied past but gets noticed only on occasion, including now, thanks to a talented 12-year-old


A little more than a month ago, in his second appearance on the NBC show America's Got Talent, a portly 12-year-old named LD Miller ripped into a harmonica solo the way a starving man might tear into a loaf of bread. His roof-shaking riffs on "Use Me," a Bill Withers wailer, wowed a studio audience and so stunned judges that they waved him through to the show's final round.

He and his brother, Cole, who sings and plays guitar, are due to appear on the show tonight, when they will compete for the $1 million grand prize. Viewers will vote for the winner, to be announced tomorrow.

On TV America's Got Talent on NBC (WBAL, Channel 11): final-round performances, 8 tonight; winner announced, 9 p.m. tomorrow.

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