Heavy-lifting pro


Mover Roy Shurger, 27, calculates he's done 4,200 jobs since starting at age 14



Roy Shurger IV

Independent contractor/moving specialist

Von Paris Moving and Storage, Savage

Age --27

Salary --About $50,000 a year

Years on the job --Fourteen, including part-time work as a kid.

How he got started --His family, including his mom, dad, grandmother, aunts and uncles, have been in the moving business for years. "I started real young. My dad got me into it. After high school I decided to stay with it full time. It keeps you in shape, you know?"

Typical day --He gets up every day at 5 a.m. and usually gets to the office about 7. Shurger owns the moving business but works exclusively with Von Paris, which supplies him with his moving jobs. Shurger in turn supplies the movers, his two trucks and other equipment. Finishing time depends on the type of job. In the summer, his busiest time of year, he typically gets home about 7 p.m. or 8 p.m.

Jobs per day --The number of jobs depends on the amount of material to be moved and distance from start to finish. He usually does one big move a day but will schedule two if the customers are in the same area.

Total moves: --"The only days I really don't work are Sundays and holidays. So I'd have to estimate 4,200."

Travel: --He usually limits his work to local jobs, but in the winter, when business is slow, he may do loads that take him to New York and other East Coast sites.

Best part --"Every day we're at a different place seeing new people."

Worst part --"When you're coming to a fourth-floor apartment and you've got steps. Those are the days we dread."

Memorable moves --"We just did the [Ravens] training camp last week. The smallest dumbbell they have is like 100 pounds."

Tables have turned --His father who got him into the business works for him now. "It's good to have someone like that you can count on and trust. He pretty much showed me the ropes when I was young."

No back problems --"I sprained my knee three years ago. I wear this [brace] now just to be safe sometimes. It gets sore on long days." But he says he has no problem sleeping at night.

Philosophy on the job --"Loading a truck, it's like a puzzle. It all fits a certain way."


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