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August 14, 2006


Dawn of cease-fire

Israeli forces and Hezbollah fighters stepped up their battles in the final hours before this morning's scheduled cease-fire to end fighting in southern Lebanon. pg 1a

Images shown of Castro

Images of Fidel Castro were seen in a Havana newspaper as the hospitalized leader surfaces for the first time since surgery two weeks ago. His brother Raul is shown on television greeting Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. pg 9a

Baghdad bombings

Coordinated attacks kill at least 57 and wound 148 in predominantly Shiite neighborhoods as U.S. forces step up security. pg 10a


Razing doubts

Some legal experts challenge the perception that federal law means Baltimore diocese can't be stopped from demolishing the Rochambeau. pg 1a

Women seek council presence

Women are gaining as political office holders across the country but not in Baltimore County. Four women are trying to end the decadelong absence of a female County Council member this year. pg 1a

College pulls investments

The state college foundation says it will no longer invest in four companies it believes help Sudan government commit genocide. pg 1b

Juvenile justice falters

Members of the legal system on all sides say the juvenile justice system is stumbling, but Maryland says a remedy is being worked on. pg 1b


Split decision on health

The U.S. has banned all uses of the pesticide lindane, except when rubbed on children and adults to treat lice and mites. pg 1a

Airline carry-on rules eased

Travelers have gotten new instructions on what can be carried aboard airlines. The regulations ease the ban on nonprescription medicine and baby food. pg 3a

Balancing privacy, efficacy

In the aftermath of the chaos caused by Hurricane Katrina, Congress is weighing proposals to computerize medical records while trying to safeguard patients' privacy. pg 3a


There is a there before there

The trip to the beach can be a lot more interesting than you think. You just need to know some inside information about the quirks, landmarks, legends and lore along the way. pg 1c

`Weeds' sprouts again

The smoke-colored view of life in the suburbs is back on Showtime with the dark comedy poking fun at PTA meetings and City Council elections. pg 1C


O's rally falls short vs. Red Sox

Mike Lowell hit a grand slam in the first inning and made a game-saving play for the final out, helping the Boston Red Sox hold off the Orioles, 11-9, for a three-game sweep at Fenway Park. The Orioles are 1-11 against the Red Sox this season. pg 1D


"We don't want to be associated with the mass murder of innocent civilians."

Leonard Raley, president of Maryland university foundation pulling Sudan investments

Article, PG 1B

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