Helpful power boost


August 13, 2006

With the price of gas and electricity through the roof, everyone's talking about alternative energy sources.

When you're out in the field or camping with the family and the battery on your cell phone or GPS unit dies or your kids' MP3 player goes dark, alternative energy is the only way to go.

Solar Style, a Baltimore-based company, is making a variety of gizmos that turn sunlight into power. Each of the solar charging units fits in the palm of your hand and most come with an array of adapters for cell phones and other devices.

Open the case and the unit charges itself and your electronic gear. It takes at least 1 1/2 hours in full sunlight to fully charge the unit. For a quicker jolt, use the AC adapter or car charger to store power.

Prices range from $36 to $56, depending on what kind of power you seek.

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