Other Notable Deaths


August 12, 2006

Fred Sudermann, 73, who helped found the National Institute for Aviation Research at Wichita State University, died Wednesday, three weeks after he was diagnosed with advanced stages of pancreatic cancer, according to the institute.

As executive assistant to then-Wichita State president Warren Armstrong, Mr. Sudermann was put in charge of efforts to strengthen aviation research and support services at the university. The result was the National Institute for Aviation Research, which opened in 1985.

The 120,000-square- foot-facility has a full-time staff of 120 and nearly 100 students and graduate teaching assistants. Research projects includes efforts to improve aviation safety and performance.

Mr. Sudermann was credited for increasing the amount of grants the university received by millions of dollars.

Yasuo Takei, 76, who rose to fame as founder of consumer credit company Takefuji Corp. but retired in shame after a wiretapping scandal, died Thursday of liver failure at his home in Tokyo, the company said in a statement.

Mr. Takei was listed as Japan's richest man, along with his family, in Forbes magazine's listing this year of the world's billionaires, with assets of $5.4 billion. But Mr. Takei's reputation was tarnished in 2004 by his conviction on charges he ordered the wiretapping of a journalist who had written articles criticizing his company.

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