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SpaceCadetz ( has a lofty mission statement: To sift through the more than 85 million profiles on and find the best. "The best" is subjective, of course, and in this case skews heavily toward the hip-hop artists and musicians whom the blog founder favors and feels deserve more recognition.

Mixed in with plugs for graffiti/street artists and hip-hop bands are profiles of the well-endowed young women who make MySpace so popular among young men. Q&As with interesting creative types round out the fare.

If you're into sneaker culture and buxom babes in bikinis, SpaceCadetz might be your map to the world's biggest online social network.

SpaceCadetz founder Scott Koboyashi, 25, is a consultant in the biotech industry. He's also a frequent contributor to popular trend-spotting site

How do you decide what to put on your blog?

It is a bit reflective of my taste. Half of the music is strictly hip-hop and the other 50 percent is electronic, drum and bass, rock and jazz and soul. I try to keep it as diverse as possible, but it's hard to write about rock because I'm not huge into it. I have friends who are more into it, and I ask them to send stuff my way so I can write about it.

How about the artists you pick?

I'm pretty open. Most of it ... is pretty hip-hop or street based, very urban in aesthetic, and that's just sort of the type of people who gravitate toward MySpace because of the age demographics. Hip-hop is on the rise, and it's only going to get bigger.

What's your favorite MySpace page right now?

It's for one of my favorite graphic artists, a guy named Downtimer. I haven't featured him yet, but he's got a unique style of graffiti, and he does exciting freelance work for T-shirt companies. He's leveraged MySpace to make a name for himself.

You profile a lot of artists and music groups but not just regular people's pages. Why?

It isn't to say that regular people aren't interesting because clearly they are. But I have to put myself in readers' shoes, and there has to be something entertaining going on, some intrinsic entertainment value. Maybe I would post someone regular if they had really funny blog entries.

So why'd you decide to have the sexy "Girls" section?

Unfortunately, the girls drive a lot of traffic. I kind of don't like doing that because I feel it cheapens the site a little bit, but the bottom line is traffic, and I want to build it up to be something big. The girl contingent is an undeniable part of MySpace.

What are the biggest changes you've noticed on MySpace recently?

The biggest is how the homepage has become a huge launching pad for movies, with the Superman promo stuff. Before that it was X-Men. Those are cool movies and all, but MySpace has lost its independent feel.

Will MySpace ever get replaced?

As long as people can keep having free rein with profiles, it'll be around. The fact that they have branded themselves so much around music and that musical artists have such a vested interest in its success means it's not going anywhere. That investment makes it hard to switch.

But didn't people invest time in Friendster, which shriveled up?

Yes, but the investment was a lot less because you couldn't customize anything. You'd search for friends, and after that there was nothing to do.

What would you change about MySpace?

I could see a more organized social network, something less click-intensive. You have to click for everything, to refresh and reload. They could make that smoother.

Don't you get sick of slogging through all those MySpace pages?

Sometimes I feel like barfing. But usually I wake up in the morning and am excited to see how the site is doing and who has messages for me.

Jessica Berthold writes for The Morning Call of Allentown, Pa.


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E-Candy for:

Sneaker freaks, graffiti artists, hip-hop fans

In sum:

A hip-hop heavy blog that tries to find the best content on MySpace

Sample topics:

Descriptions of, and links to, the MySpace profiles of artists, designers, musicians and provocative women. Q&As with culturally important people. Bizarre videos taken from people's MySpace pages.

Classic post:

"Let it be known, this is officially the weirdest anything I've come across on MySpace. Tranny Force is a comedy film series about 3 `normal' guys who transform into superhero transvestites and save the world's glamour." (June 1, 2006)

Making it happen:

Scott Koboyashi, 25, consultant in biotech industry




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