Q&A Tim Johnson

August 09, 2006|By KATIE CARRERA

Linebacker Tim Johnson returns to the Ravens after four seasons with the Oakland Raiders. In his career, he has 63 total tackles, 43 solo. Johnson was originally signed as a rookie by the Ravens in 2001 before being placed on waivers.

Do you like to try your hand at NFL video games?

A bit on and off.

Do you play with the Ravens when you do?

Yeah, that's my team. That was my team before I even came here. Ever since Madden, the defense since 2000 has been great on the game.

What is your favorite movie of all time?

It would have to be Coming to America.

Why? Are you a big Eddie Murphy fan?

It's hilarious - a classic film with a lot of people in it. It was the mix of the characters [Murphy] did in it. He's pretty good and all the other guys in it, too. I've watched that movie so many times.

What's your favorite new movie?

That would be Crash.

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