Q&A Todd Heap


August 07, 2006|By KATIE CARRERA

Tight end Todd Heap is entering his sixth season with the Ravens. The Arizona native and former first-round draft pick started all 16 games in 2005, finishing with 75 receptions and 855 yards.

If you could do anything in the world when you aren't playing football what would you do?

"My favorite thing is just playing with my kids and taking my family on vacation."

Where's your favorite place to go on vacation?

"I just love the beach in California. That's my favorite thing. It's relaxing. I like the waves, try to surf a little bit, build sand castles with my daughter. Hopefully soon my boys will be ready to run around in the sand."

When did you get into surfing?

"I've been surfing since I was 16 years old. I wouldn't consider myself great. I'm an Arizona surfer, not a California surfer, but I have fun with it. It's very relaxing and enjoyable to get out, get up on a wave and cruise."

What other sports do you like to do for fun?

"Wakeboarding and snowboarding. I haven't done much of that since I've been playing in the NFL, though. There are better reasons not to. I'd rather be safe from injury than risking it."

What's your favorite band of all time?

"Growing up I really liked a little Pearl Jam. They've got a lot of good songs. You could go through their whole CD and like all of it."

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