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August 07, 2006

With the Orioles headed toward another losing season, would you rather see the Yankees or Red Sox win the AL East?

Asking whether I'd prefer the Yankees or Red Sox to win the AL East is like asking a condemned man whether he prefers to die by hanging or electrocution.

Bruce Harris


I would rather see Tommy Thomas on the dugout steps of old Municipal Stadium, counting the number of fans in the stands. He reportedly got 5 cents for every fan in attendance. Those were the good old days of the International League, a better product in every way than today's overpriced, underperforming personnel.

Joseph Szymanski

Rock Hall

Any fan of the Orioles should despise them both. I know what the Orioles management's answer would be: the Red Sox. After Mike Flanagan paid the Sox to take Javy Lopez off our hands when they are desperate for a catcher, I am quite sure Mike gets free lobster for life.

Adam Ritter



When Tiger Woods is in contention, are you drawn to watch golf on television you might normally skip?

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