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August 07, 2006


Yankees defeat Orioles, 6-1

The Yankees hit four home runs off starter Rodrigo Lopez and went on to beat the Orioles, 6-1, before a crowd of 45,693 at Camden Yards. The Yankees won two of three in the series. The Orioles fell back to a season-worst 12 games under .500. pg 1D

Woods wins record 50th

Tiger Woods became the youngest to win 50 PGA Tour events when he shot his fourth-straight 6-under 66 for a three-stroke victory over Jim Furyk in the Buick Open. Woods, 30, beat Jack Nicklaus, who reached 50 wins at the age of 33. pg 1D


Saar sticks to violence view

As union leaders clamor for the resignation of Public Safety Secretary Mary Ann Saar and legislators demand answers for the wave of prison violence at a hearing scheduled for this week, Saar remains convinced that a key to reducing violence is putting rehabilitative programs in place. pg 1B

Fight wages on over clinic

Four years after the opening of a methadone clinic in Pikesville prompted protests by residents, fines from Baltimore County officials and swift legislation aimed at shutting it down, the two sides are continuing their argument before jurors in a trial nearing its end in federal court. pg 1B


The Chicks in the District

Sun pop music critic Rashod Ollison reviews the Dixie Chicks' Friday night appearance at the Verizon Center in Washington. pg 1C


Lawmakers' high-tech divide

Congressional lawmakers are struggling almost daily to comprehend new technology and the government's role in shaping its future. In the biggest spurt of legislative activity since the dot-com boom, advocacy groups and businesses are seeking laws to shape the fast-evolving digital landscape - an effort that will resume in September when Congress returns from its summer recess. But Congress isn't exactly a haven for the tech-savvy. pg 1A

Health care options improve

Two years ago, the nation's governors were wrestling with exploding health care costs, soaring populations and agonizing choices over how to keep their Medicaid programs afloat. Now, as governors met yesterday for their annual summer meeting, health care seems less hopeless. Their choices are vastly different as many states embark on unprecedented experiments to revamp the health care program for the poor and health care overall. pg 3A


Hezbollah rejects truce offer

A defiant Hezbollah pounded northern Israel with rockets yesterday after rejecting a U.S.-French truce proposal. Hezbollah's strikes killed at least 15 people. Israel also struck hard, killing 14 in Lebanon as both sides tried to take advantage of the days before a U.N. resolution is put to a vote. pg 1A

Iraqi rape-murder trial begins

An Iraqi army medic testified yesterday on the opening day of a hearing to determine whether five U.S. soldiers must stand trial in the March 12 rape-slaying of Abeer Qassim al-Janabi and the killing of her parents and sister in the town of Mahmoudiya. pg 8A

Castro to return, official says

Cuba's vice president said yesterday that Fidel Castro would return to work in a few weeks after intestinal surgery that forced him to hand over power temporarily to his younger brother. Venezuela's president said Castro was out of bed and talking after his surgery as messages wishing the Cuban leader a quick recovery poured in from Latin America's leading leftists and Elian Gonzalez. pg 8A


"They're basically giving citizens more rights to use deadly force than we give police officers, and with less review."

Paul A. Logli of the National District Attorneys Association, referring to laws that allow victims to use deadly force in situations that might formerly have subjected them to murder prosecution Article, PG 3A

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