Not just desserts


August 06, 2006

By the end of summer, many of us are in a literal and figurative s'mores meltdown. How many gooey marshmallow, chocolate and graham cracker desserts cooked over an open flame can one person endure?

Womp 'Em sticks offer an alternative. Just take a stick, form a shell out of supermarket biscuit dough - such as Pillsbury Grands - over the top and cook over a campfire.

When it's nice and brown (it takes about 10 minutes), slide it off and fill the inside with strawberries and whipped cream or ice cream. For dinner, use the cooked biscuit as a hot dog bun. For breakfast, fill the center with scrambled eggs.

The sticks come with a pair of metal prong attachments so that retro-style campers can cook hot dogs or sausage on a stick.

A pair of sticks costs $19.95. Order directly from the maker at

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