Brian St. Pierre

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August 05, 2006|By KATIE CARRERA

A Salem, Mass., native, quarterback Brian St. Pierre joined the Ravens as a free agent in 2005 after spending his first two NFL seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

What is your favorite movie?

"Napoleon Dynamite."

Why? Do you like Tater Tots?

"Yeah, I like my tots. I just love that movie. I start crying, laughing when I see it for some reason."

What is your favorite other sport to follow?

"I'd say baseball because I'm a huge Red Sox fan. It's a bit of a religion up in Boston."

Were you watching the 2004 playoffs when the Red Sox finally won the World Series?

"My wife and I watched faithfully every game and sweated out the Yankees series. When they finally won that one, the World Series was kind of an afterthought."

What was your reaction when the Curse of the Bambino was lifted?

"There's nothing to complain about for us anymore. I wish I had been in the city [Boston] to watch, but I was in Pittsburgh."

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