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August 05, 2006


33 Lebanese die in attacks

Israeli forces killed 33 agricultural workers in northeast Lebanon yesterday in a wave of airstrikes that also pierced the country's Christian heartland for the first time and severed its last major highway link to the outside. pg 1A

Israel opens up to reporters

More than three weeks into the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, the Israeli military has just begun to allow embedding of journalists with ground troops in southern Lebanon, and for television crews only. For most journalists, daily briefings by military brass are the only source of hard details about the conflict. pg 10A


Chinese crab found in area

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources sent out an alert yesterday to watermen, local government officials and others asking them to be on the lookout for the Chinese mitten crab, which was found in the Chesapeake region. pg 1B

Hopkins makes apology

The Johns Hopkins University apologized this week to the Singapore government after a university spokesman's criticism of that country's science agency --essentially blaming it for the failure of a Hopkins-Singapore medical research partnership -- sparked an outcry in the Asian news media. pg 1B


Comcast, MASN in agreement

Comcast and the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network reached an agreement that will enable baseball fans in the Washington area to see the Nationals on television beginning Sept. 1. The settlement ends a long dispute between the two sides. pg 1A

Employers urged to help save

One message is clear in the pension legislation newly passed by Congress: Workers will bear more responsibility for saving for their own retirement. But employers also are being nudged to help employees become better savers. pg 1A


Few signs of terror bills

This was supposed to be the year for Congress to write laws to govern the war on terrorism. But as the summer recess got under way yesterday, there were few signs that the Republican-controlled House and Senate were close to setting ground rules. pg 3A

2 arrested in Phoenix killings

Police said yesterday that two men captured at an apartment complex were responsible for a string of apparently random late-night killings that have terrorized Phoenix residents. The attacks, which began in May 2005, left six dead and were all the more frightening because another unrelated serial killer has been preying on Phoenix-area victims. pg 3A


Scrapbooking gets popular

In the past half-dozen years, scrapbooking has become a popular hobby, with stores, Web sites and clubs springing up for those set on documenting their lives in colorful and creative ways. pg 1D














Quote Of the day

"I had no idea what I'd caught. I was like, `Man, that's strange. Looks like a big weird spider.'"

John Delp, 44, who caught the Chesapeake Bay's first Chinese mitten crab, an invasive species Article, PG 1B

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