City police officer pleads guilty to theft


August 05, 2006

A Baltimore police officer pleaded guilty yesterday to stealing four custom rims and tires valued at $1,800 from a 2000 Cadillac DeVille that had been stored at the Northeastern District police station in January.

City prosecutors said the officer put the stolen rims and tires on his own 1999 Cadillac.

The officer, Che Christopher Jackson, 35, received probation before judgment, meaning his record will be cleared if he meets all the conditions of his three-year probation.

As a condition of his guilty plea in Circuit Court, Jackson resigned from the police force.

Circuit Judge Alfred Nance ordered Jackson to pay restitution to the victim for the cost of reinstalling the rims and tires and to contribute $1,500 to the Police Athletic League. Prosecutors said they objected to Jackson receiving probation before judgment.

Prosecutors said that Jackson removed four 20-inch Rox Fossill rims and four Wanli tires from a car that had been seized by police as part of an investigation into a shooting. The rims and tires were removed while the car was in storage, and were found on Jackson's car by investigators.

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