Barbaro has new growth in left hoof


August 04, 2006|By SANDRA MCKEE

Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro continues to show signs of improvement, according to yesterday's latest report from Dr. Dean Richardson, chief of surgery at the George D. Widener Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania's New Bolton Center.

Richardson said Barbaro's left hind foot is showing evidence of regrowth. During surgery last month to treat laminitis, a painful inflamation, 80 percent of the hoof was removed.

"The coronary band [the portion of the hoof that is responsible for continued downward growth of the hoof] is beginning to re-establish itself," Richardson said.

Barbaro's right hind leg, which he shattered during the May 20 Preakness, continues to be protected in a cast.

"The original fractures have apparently healed well, but the cast is necessary to protect the pastern fusion," Richardson said. "This protection is required because he must bear most of his weight on the right hind limb due to the laminitis in the left hind leg."

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