Williams adopts squirrel mode in `Listener'

Review C+


The Night Listener makes for an interesting character study of a man so desperate for someone to believe in that maybe, just maybe, he lets his imagination get the better of him. But as a narrative, it has serious problems -- holes so gaping that they're all but unavoidable.

Robin Williams, in the same serious mode he employed for One-Hour Photo and The Final Cut, is Gabriel Noone, a monologuist and host of a talk-radio program. Recently dumped by his long-time partner, Jess (Bobby Cannavale), he has sunken into a deep spiritual funk, unable to connect with his radio audience anymore. For that matter, he's unable to connect with anyone, spending days delusionally thinking he can patch things up with Jess.

The Night Listener (Miramax) Starring Robin Williams, Toni Collette, Rory Culkin. Directed by Patrick Stettner. Rated R. Time 91 minutes.

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