Parents' guide

August 04, 2006


Rating -- PG.

What it's about -- A cow inherits the job of protecting all the animals on the farm, and has to give up his partying ways and become responsible.

The Kid Attractor Factor -- Animated cows. And weasels.

Good lessons/bad lessons -- It's important to live up to your parents' expectations - being responsible is a part of growing up. And cows don't care much for cow tipping.

Violence -- Coyote-on-cow.

Language -- The h-word turns up.

Sex -- A little butt-shaking by a teen.

Drugs -- "My medication" is joked about, beer is consumed.

Parents advisory -- Ruder than Disney, but there's nothing they won't hear at recess.

Talladega Nights

Rating -- PG-13.

What it's about -- Stock-car legend has it all, lets it go to his head, loses his nerve and has to find his way back into the winner's circle.

The Kid Attractor Factor -- Will Ferrell and race cars.

Good lessons/bad lessons -- "If you ain't first, you're last." Nothing motivates a driver to go faster than the prospect of jail if he's caught.

Violence -- An arm is broken, over-the-top car crashes.

Language -- Not as clean as you'd hope.

Sex -- Straight and gay sex jokes, "Dear Lord, I hope she's 18" cracks and the like.

Drugs -- Cocaine and crack discussed, beer consumed.

Parents advisory -- Not exactly 10-and-under friendly. Take that "13" seriously.

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