Q&A Tony Pashos

August 01, 2006|By KATIE CARRERA

Ravens starting right tackle Tony Pashos is entering his fourth NFL season. In 2005, Pashos played in every game, starting seven.

What was your first concert?

"I think it was Silverchair. But there was ... Lollapalooza with a lot of bands. I got thrown out of that."

Why did you get thrown out?

"People were mosh-pitting and people were throwing sod. Somebody threw sod at me, I threw it right back and I got thrown out."

What was your first car?

"My parents finally let me use their Pathfinder my junior year in college. A Nissan Pathfinder."

What do you drive now?

"A Nissan Armada. I know, I'm as American as they come, as conservative as they come and I bought a Nissan and I know I'm getting ridiculed for it."

So what would be your dream car?

"A military-used H-1. Something I could ride around in, not care if it gets beat up, no doors, no windows, nothing. Just put my dog in there and ride around. Just me and my dog."

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