Ravens Q & A

July 31, 2006|By KATIE CARRERA

Edwin Mulitalo started all but one game last year at left guard for the Ravens and is entering his eighth NFL season. The Ravens threw for a 59.6 percent pass completion rate and rushed for 1,605 yards behind Mulitalo's blocking.

You bring a ukulele to practice. When do you like to play?

"Usually in between practices I like to get back to the room. We'll have an hour and I just like to relax and play some island tunes."

Do your teammates enjoy your playing?

"I hope so. I usually do it in my room and if they hear me in the hallway, well ... This year I got a room at the end of the hallway so it should be all right if I don't play that loud."

What do you like to eat to cool off on hot days?

"On a hot day I love the watermelon they have here. That's probably the best thing. I get a big plate of watermelon and have at it. They do have a Chick-fil-A I've noticed, and I like their ice cream cones so you might see me through that drive-through window."

Where would you be if you weren't at training camp?

"I'd probably be somewhere on the water. Whether it's the beach, a lake or river, I'm a water person. I have to be somewhere by the water. Swim, fish, anything that has to do with water I like to do. Mainly I just like taking my kids out to the beach and playing."

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