Affordable hotels available in Prague

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My husband and I are traveling to Prague in the Czech Republic this year and want to find a hotel room at a maximum rate of $80 to $90 per night. Any suggestions?

Given your budget, it might be difficult to find a hotel in Old Town or Mala Strana, desirable areas in the Prague 1 district. But if you expand your search a bit, you should find affordable lodging close to a subway or tram stop.

Although they are a little more than you want to pay, consider Hotel Ibis (karlin.hotel in the Prague 8 district, which has rooms for about $116 per night and is a short tram ride from the city center, or Hotel Lunik ( in Prague 2 for $131 per night. It's a short subway ride from Old Town.

If that's still too much, try a local accommodation agency. Mary's Travel and Tourist Services (, for instance, has hotels, apartments and guest houses in Prague and will likely find lodging for the right price. Another agency is Prague Hotel Locator (

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