`Bite' scratches itch



When it comes to mosquitos, many of us fall into the category of "sweet meat," soft targets compared to the walking blood banks around us.

Even if we slather on 100 percent DEET (destroying brain cells and anything plastic, like watch faces) there always remains a spot we forgot. Then we spend the night scratching like a junkyard dog with fleas.

"After Bite" takes away the itch. The ammonia-based liquid doesn't smell good, but the odor dissipates as it dries. It not only works on mosquito bites but also the nibbles of horse flies and green-head flies.

The manufacturer claims "After Bite Xtra" eases bites from bees, wasps, fire ants and jellyfish. I confess I didn't go out of my way to test the effectiveness in those cases. A third version, called "After Bite Kids," is a cream that's easier to apply than the original formula.

A tube of the original formula costs about $3, with the other two versions running a little more. They are available at most drug or camping stores or at www.tendercorp.com.

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