July 30, 2006

THE ISSUE: -- Money magazine listed the Ellicott City-Columbia area No. 4 in its recent "Best Places to Live in America" issue. How meaningful is this?

Ranking is a cause for celebration

What could be more wonderful than being recognized as a great place to live? Columbia is an exciting place to live with great people, great neighborhoods and wonderful opportunities. The villages, CA and Howard County have worked for decades to make this happen. Columbia was also recently recognized by Frommer's to be No. 9 in the list of 100 best places to raise a family. Too often we hear about the mistakes and problems that Columbia struggles with in the media. Let us take a moment to celebrate what is right with Columbia!

Alan Romack Columbia

The writer is a member of the Owen Brown Village Board, but his view does not reflect an official position of the board.

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