July 30, 2006

Craig should refrain from cheap shots

David Craig, Harford's appointed County Executive, must be running scared against his opponent Ann Helton (The Baltimore Sun, July 9). Instead of confronting her professional qualifications and plans for the future of our County, David Craig attacks her husband! It's a cheap shot and an easy distraction, I guess, for people who think a woman can only be successful if dominated and financed by men.

Art Helton is a highly successful businessman and public servant. He served as a State Senator and as a member of the Harford County Council.

For several years he has acquired derelict commercial buildings and adapted and restored them as economically viable and tax-paying enterprises. For this he is called "a developer," as if he had torn up farmland and forestland to build McMansions. According to David Craig, Art Helton's unpardonable sin is being successful and "rich." Since when in America has it been disgraceful to be successful and prosperous as a result of hard work! Every successful person is going to be resented by somebody.

Ann Helton is a well-educated professional: a past member of the Anne Arundel County Council, a long-time consultant for DeLoitte & Touche, a former high-level state administrator, a successful mother and parent, and an energetic and effective leader of non-governmental organizations such as the Harford Land Trust. She is not afraid of anyone, especially David Craig, so why doesn't he come out and compete as a real person should? A real man would do this!

Doug Curry Aberdeen

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