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July 29, 2006


Investigating media leaks

A federal grand jury has begun investigating the leak of classified information about intelligence programs to the media and has subpoenaed a former National Security Agency employee from Linthicum who claims to have witnessed illegal activity while working at the agency. pg 4a


White Sox rally against O's

Closer Chris Ray gave up a grand slam to Ross Gload in the ninth inning, ruining Erik Bedard's bid to win his eighth consecutive start as the Chicago White Sox rallied for a 6-4 victory over the Orioles. pg 1c


Mideast cease-fire urged

After more than two weeks of fierce fighting between Israeli forces and Hezbollah guerrillas, leaders from the Middle East to Washington and the United Nations signaled a sense of urgency to end the destabilizing conflict. pg 9a

Cleric critical of al-Maliki

In a sermon rich with bloody imagery and religious struggle, an influential Shiite cleric condemned Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's trip to Washington this week as a betrayal of Islam and a humiliation to his people at the hands of U.S. and Israeli aggressors. pg 9a

Constellation Energy profits fall

Constellation Energy Group, which is fighting to preserve its proposed merger with FPL Group Inc. of Florida, reported a second-quarter profit that fell 24 percent as the cost of fuel used to generate electricity from its Mid-Atlantic power plants soared along with global energy prices. CEG also said BGE's earnings fell 15 percent last quarter. pg 8c


Inmates tied killing in court

Three days after the death of a correctional officer inside a state prison in Jessup, the two inmates accused in the killing appeared in Anne Arundel County District Court yesterday as a judge ordered them held without bond. Lamarr C. Harris, 35, and Lee E. Stephens, 27, looked unconcerned and said little as they faced Judge Megan B. 1b


Cracking into crabs

It's summer in Maryland and that means it's time throw a crab feast. pg 1d














Quote Of the day

"People were selling part of their house to finance dinner at Olive Garden."

Dirk van Dijk of Zacks Investment Research, on how Americans, in stronger economic times, tapped into home equity to cover large and frivolous expenses

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