Fishing report

The Kickoff


Piney Run -- For largemouth bass, anglers should use topwater lures and plastic worms along the inside edge of the hydrilla beds in the early morning and late evening. Use plastics and jigs during the middle of the day and move to deeper water near the hydrilla, 14 to 20 feet deep, recommends Jim Gronaw at the park office. Both of this week's largest fish were 4.04 pounds and were caught off plastic baits. Boat angling at depths from 15 to 22 feet is the best action for channel catfish; use the traditional baits, chicken liver and assorted cut baits. Jon Merson snagged this week's top channel catfish on cut bait, it was 27.5 inches long and weighed 8.63 pounds.

Loch Raven Reservoir -- Anglers are having success with rubber lizards and plastic worms for largemouth bass. The grass beds are high, so fish along the edges. White perch action has slowed considerably.

Liberty Reservoir -- There is plenty of white perch action along with some crappies near the Nicodemus and Route 32 bridge. "If you use small fat-head minnows you can get either fish," said Doug Geis at Old Reisterstown Bait and Tackle.

Susquehanna River -- Rockfish action is good up in the Flats. Captain Mike Benjamin at Herb's Tackle Shop in North East recommends top-water plugs. Benjamin also said white perch have picked up in the Flats. There are many legal crabs to be caught in the Elk River, too.

Gunpowder River -- "Small tan caddis, sizes 18-20, off 12-foot 7X leader work best from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m., but for the rest of the day anglers should switch to terrestrial patterns, said Rocky Cox at Backwater Angler in Monkton. Japanese beetles, sizes 12-14, parachute and flying ants size 16 have all been successful. The river is 62 degrees and running at 113 CFS.

Middle River -- According to Reel Perfection's Jerry Sersen, high temperatures are hampering anglers, limiting effective fishing to early mornings and late evenings. Largemouth bass and some perch are around for those using top water baits. During the day, some are able to get fish with plastic worms and plastic lizards.

Patapsco River -- Jerry Stelmack of Tochterman and Sons reports a lot of white perch and spot being caught with nightcrawlers and blood worms from Fort McHenry to the mouth of the Patapsco. Trolling anglers use light tandem rigs and small white perch for rockfish. Crabs can be found near Harbor Hospital.

Chesapeake Bay -- Anglers were able to chum for rockfish and bluefish, according to Stelmack, with the latter a target for trolling anglers. Perch, croakers and spot were also catchable.

Ocean City -- Despite strong winds, croaker and flounder had the greatest presence, according to the online report of Oyster Bay Tackle's Sue Foster. It was also possible to find kingfish and spot, biting on fishbites and regular bloodworms.

Potomac River -- According to the Department of Natural Resources report, it's possible to pick up smallmouth bass, walleyes and yellow perch at Deep Creek Lake, using jigheads and crankbaits. Water temperatures are still in the lower 80s, so the bass can be found in grass beds.

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